When defining terms in theology sometimes you need a program to figure out “who” is on first base. The following is a classic commentary on emergent church, word of faith, mormonism, and just about anything else contrary to orthodox Christianity.

(disclaimer:   not responsible for spewed beverages on computer screens.  Viewer assumes all responsibility for any perceived humor arising from viewing of following clip.)


10 thoughts on “Definitions

  1. Very good! A classic for all time.

    If we cannot agree about ‘who’ is on first base…there is no where to go from there…is there?

  2. Hello Steve,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Assuming you have viewed the video (I am still wiping coffee from my screen! :)) confusion reigns in trying to understand the simple question of the lineup. Given the question of “who’s on first” an expected response using a recognizable name is left WAY out of the reply given. In the clip, basic pronouns and phrases are turned into names by the coach with the expectation that anyone would know them. The “orthodox” use of names is turned into a comedy schtick.

    John Macarthur on the Emergent church rightly observes about the emergent church…

    The bottom line in the movement is: They believe that we aren’t even supposed to understand precisely what the Bible means.

    Apparently, in emergent church thinking, anything can mean just about anything they want it to be. To those who expect orthodox Christianity, the language of the emergent church becomes another “comedy schtick.”

  3. Hi Scott,

    First off, I found your blog by using the tag surfing function in WordPress. A few times a week I will search for good conversation through the “Theology” tag and when I find something interesting that I can comment on I will.

    Very good description of the Emergent Church through the use of a classic comedy schtick. Instead of preaching and proclaiming the word of God as learned men of God through study and interpretation of scripture, the Emergent would claim that we cannot know what God has to say to us. The very foundation of orthodoxy goes out the window and we are left to have a “conversation” about God. These conversations never really lead anywhere or have any conclusion. Like the Abbott and Costello comedy routine “Who’s On First” the conversation continues but it never goes anywhere. I am thankful that I can serve a God who has given us everything we need for life and godliness. 2 Peter 1:3

    Thanks for the YouTube link as well. I love that routine.

  4. Thanks for the links – I’ve learned something. I’ve been hearing mentions of the “emerging church” movement, but I’ve never heard the ‘radical’ side of their theology. I wonder how many people in an ’emerging church’ know / agree with this theology?

  5. Hey Scott, I’m in the process in putting some thoughts together on absolute truth, which I’ll post to my blog very soon. It’s a bigger topic than I thought so it will have to be in a few parts. It ties in with what you’ve said here.

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